Casa Pedregal by Luis Barragan

Built between 1947 and 1950, Casa Pedregal is the largest private residence designed by architect Luis Barragan. The home was commissioned by a friend, Eduardo Prieto-López, who owned the property until 2013 when it was purchased by an art collector hoping to breathe life back into the dwelling.

Barragan was a believer in fostering a harmonious relationship between architecture and nature, which is evident in his use of natural materials. The home sits on lava rock that is incorporated into the overall design and oversized windows blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living.

Casa Pedregal Interior

In a time when architects approached design in a sterile and modernistic fashion, Barragan created spiritually uplifting designs through his use of shape, light, and color. In 1954 he wrote a manifesto alongside sculptor-painter Mathias Goéritz, "I have worked with total freedom to make work whose function is to produce emotion."

Casa Pedregal Kitchen

Photos by Fernando Farfán, Salva López, Onnis Luque, Laurent Beaudouin.