Care Guide

Image courtesy @dabito


Our pieces are finished with tenna oil, our proprietary finish which we developed from natural tree seeds. It is meticulously applied and designed to withstand wear while highlighting the natural character of the wood. The tenna oil finish is resistant to spills and stains and will sustain for years with proper maintenance. However, it is still important to treat your pieces with care! Our work is made from solid hardwood, not veneer, and our pieces won’t be as durable as, say, plastic, laminate, or metal, as solid hardwood is a natural material that comes from a living organism.

• Always use coasters, placemats, or tablecloths. This will protect your pieces from surface damage or stains.

• Dust furniture regularly. Wipe clean as needed with a soft dry cloth and move gently with the grain.

• Avoid direct sun exposure.

• To prevent damage to wood, avoid direct exposure to heat sources like radiators.

• Avoid using ammonia-based cleaning products as they may soften the finish with repeated use.

• For regular cleaning and light stain removal, use lukewarm water and mild soap or use a solution of one ounce white vinegar per quart of water.

• Sponge the surface sparingly, evenly, and quickly.

• Clean spills with a fresh absorbent cloth.



    We use full-grain vegetable tanned leather that will patina beautifully with age. The scratches and scuffs from natural usage will burnish, fade, and evolve with use. Wipe clean as needed with a soft dry cloth. For cleaning, use mild soap diluted 1:10 with lukewarm water. Condition every six months or as needed with leather conditioner, or if leather becomes too dry.



    We offer plush, soft velvet and corduroy as well as bouclé fabric. All are high performance, abrasion-resistant and easy to clean. Remove dust with a vacuum cleaner. Clean stains, spills, or soiling promptly with a neutral soap solution using a cloth in smooth circular movements. Note that frequent washing may affect performance of the fabric.