Great furniture begins with quality materials. We work hard to find sustainably sourced hardwoods from responsibly managed forests. We currently work with FSC® certified white ash, white oak, makata, and moso bamboo. Our woods are air-dried, hand-sealed, and carefully kiln-dried according to our own recipes. They are finished with our proprietary, house-made tenna oil or water-based finishes. Tenna oil is a natural wood finish derived from tree seeds that we’ve developed over years of research and testing. All our finishes are low VOC, with no added formaldehyde. They are meticulously applied by hand and designed to withstand wear while highlighting the natural character of the wood. Our finishes are resistant to spills and stains and will sustain for years with proper maintenance. Check out our care guide here to learn more.

Due to the handcrafted nature of our finishes as well as the natural characteristics of each plank of wood, you can expect to see variations in color and pattern amongst each of our products. Every piece is unique and one-of-a-kind. Our furniture is crafted by hand, and we use solid wood, not veneer or engineered wood.

Unsure of which finish? Request free color swatches here.

White Oak & White Ash

Our white ash comes from FSC® certified forests. Quicker to reach maturity than white oak, white ash features a beautiful, swirling grain. White oak features a quieter grain.



Makata wood comes from a tree in the legume family. It’s as hard as oak with a color and grain similar in some instances to English walnut. Its standout characteristic is strikingly dark heartwood. Planks featuring the beautiful dark heartwood are hand selected for use in surfaces like cabinet doors to highlight this natural character. Makata is also notable for its soft, silvery sheen and rich contrast. The wood species has a beautiful variety of wood grain patterns that creates a flowing variation in color tone throughout an individual plank.



Moso bamboo is a highly sustainable material that grows rapidly in a 5 year cycle, in contrast to some hardwoods which can take up to 100 years to reach maturity. We use a technique that presses moso bamboo into dense wood timber, which is then used similarly to conventional wooden furniture planks in our joinery based construction. 

Our moso bamboo features a beautiful, rich graining pattern with a dense, solid, smooth hand feel. We finish our bamboo pieces using our house-made tenna oil.



Our fabrics are chosen for their comforting hand feel, durability and ease of care. All are easy to spot clean with abrasion ratings between 80,000-100,000 cycles.

Our fabrics are REACH compliant, the European regulation for chemical safety, Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certified, and pass California Technical Bulletin 117-2013 flammability testing.

Cream Velvet
Teja Velvet
Mostaza Velvet
Forest Velvet
Blue Velvet
Lavender Velvet
Taupe Velvet
Black Velvet
Cream Bouclé
Cream Corduroy


We use a full-grain vegetable tanned leather from a family-run tannery in Santa Croce, Italy that was custom developed for Sun at Six. The vegetable tanning process used for our leathers is an old art form: tannins, found in roots, tree bark and other plant matter are used to convert raw hides into leather, a process that eliminates the use of heavy metals in conventional leather tanning. Vegetable tannins produce leather that has a substantial look and feel, becomes softer with use and patinas gracefully with age. The natural character on the leather surface includes neck wrinkles, stretch marks, healed scars, and grain variation. The leather is durable, pleasant to the touch and will become softer and patina beautifully with use.