Sun at Six is a family run studio, and has worked with families, artisans, and traditional joinery masters from Guangzhou, China, some of whom we've worked with for over 20 years. We specialize in ancient Chinese woodworking technique, continuing a long history of craftsmanship with our work now featured in the Forbidden City. 

We make our furniture using classical Chinese joinery, a fading traditional artform passed down from generation to generation, which uses intricate, interwoven joints to create furniture without the use of any nails or screws.

By using this intricate joinery system, the furniture can acclimatize in real time to extreme changes in temperature and humidity, which cause most furniture to crack and warp.

The joinery in the furniture allows the wood to "breathe" during large swings in temperature or humidity, letting the furniture expand and contract to prevent cracks and warping.

Today, the use of traditional joinery techniques has begun to fade. The complex joints are more expensive and difficult to cut, and fewer craftsmen remain who possess the specialized knowledge required.

Though production of classical pieces has dwindled, we aim to create new opportunities by applying traditional technique to new design.

We’ve taken great pains to seek out traditional joinery masters, working with them to develop new traditional techniques for modern furniture, and in doing so, we hope to continue their legacy of craftsmanship.