Sun at Six is a family run studio with a focus on classical Chinese joinery, which uses intricate, interwoven joints to create furniture without the use of nails and screws. I first learned furniture from my mom, who learned traditional Chinese joinery system from a master in Beijing. 

By using this intricate joinery system, the furniture can acclimatize in real time to extreme changes in temperature and humidity, which cause most solid wood furniture to crack and warp. 


The joinery in the furniture allows the wood to "breathe" during large swings in temperature or humidity, letting the furniture expand and contract to prevent cracks and warping.

We’ve put a lot of effort into refining traditional Chinese joinery techniques and introducing them to contemporary work, with the aim of maintaining and featuring the art form.


Materials and Sustainability

Great furniture begins with quality materials: we work hard to find sustainably sourced hardwoods from responsibly managed forests, which are air-dried, hand-sealed, and carefully kiln-dried according to our own recipes. We use raw solid wood, not veneer, and all our wood is sustainably sourced, from White Oak, to Black Walnut, to White Ash. Our White Ash products are FSC® certified and noted on each product. We focus on high-quality materials first, then bringing out the natural character already present in those materials. 

We use our own house-made tenna oil, a finish we’ve developed over years of testing from tree and nut oils, which is meticulously applied to withstand wear while highlighting the natural character of the wood. 

We use full-grain vegetable tanned leathers from a family-run tannery in Santa Croce, Italy. The vegetable tanning process used for our leathers is an old art form: tannins, found in roots, tree bark and other plant matter are used to convert raw hides into leather, a process that eliminates the use of heavy metals in conventional leather tanning. Vegetable tannins produce leather that has a substantial look and feel, becomes softer with use and patinas gracefully with age. The rawhide for our vegetable-tanned leather comes from French farms. The natural character on the leather surface includes neck wrinkles, stretch marks, healed scars, and grain variation. 

Sustainability matters, and so do people. We are FSC® Chain of Custody certified (FSC-C016788), ISO Environmental Management System certified, and SA8000 Social Accountability Management certified.