Spaces can help shape our choices, actions, and mood in everyday life.


Our Furniture

Great furniture begins with quality materials: raw, sustainably sourced white oak, our house-made tenna oil, developed with years of testing, and full-grain, vegetable-tanned leathers that patina with age. We work to bring out the natural character already present in our materials.

People matter to us. We source leather from with a family-owned tannery in Italy, and work with traditional Chinese joinery masters, who hand build each piece of furniture using fading, ancient joinery techniques.

This allows furniture built without nails or screws, which we finish with our own tenna oil, a natural oil we press and make from tree oils and nuts ourselves. 

We work hard to find quality, sustainably sourced hardwoods, which are air-dried, hand-sealed, and carefully kiln-dried according to our own recipes.


Nourishing our Relationships

Our furniture is designed with the idea that spaces influence and define how we relate to others.

Sitting across from a friend at a narrow table, faces inches apart, can encourage an intimate, charged dynamic, while reclining seats encourage us to sink back and break off from the conversation to relax.

Furniture, and how it's designed, plays a role in shaping these relationships and interpersonal dynamics. More than pragmatic objects, furniture and their arrangement can bring people together and nourish relationships that matter to us.

We aim to create spaces that are simple, gentle, restorative, nourishing, open, and natural.