The Wave Collection... limited edition, very wavy (~◕ᴗ◕)~

Our latest collection is designed around the concept of a repeated, soft, calming motif: the wave.

The genesis of the collection was a low wave stand, whose pattern became soothing when layered upon itself. From that initial layering process came the Wave Shelf with its calming zone of waves. Made from architectural grade American black walnut, the studio made this piece by hand selecting individual planks for grain.

After designing the Wave Shelf, we applied a tighter version of the pattern to a table edge, and ultimately modified the shape of the table to counterbalance the soft waves with a more angular diamond. For sustainability reasons, the six legged, Wave Diamond table was made from solid FSCⓇ certified white ash, which the studio is pushing to use more of in hopes of moving the industry towards more sustainable woods.

The final piece to be designed in the collection was the Wave Chair, which applied the Wave Shelf silhouette to four chair legs, also made in FSC certified white ash.

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