Two Pairs of Images

This week we've been looking at two pairs of images.

The first are two landscapes of snow set on hillsides, one pulled from National Geographic's photo of the day archives, the other from Russian landscape photographer Dmitry Pitenin. Both photos capture fairly unconventional aspects of the mountainside - clean colors blocks over a pattern of bulbous shapes. They're both shot with soft lighting and a sleek, satiny style. The parallels are great.

The second is a pair of black and white images - one is a 1977 Robert Mapplethorpe photo of irises, the other is a tumblr inspiration photo of a prayer plant. In the first photo, we're struck by the multiple overlapping shadows, which gives the photo a unique voice. A fairly boring photo without the shadows is given so much personality with the shadows. The second photo in comparison is so well defined, it's almost like an x-ray. We're struck by the beautiful contrast and how the white appears as almost creamy.