We're Open, Here are Our Thoughts

After many months of hard work behind the scenes, we're finally (kind of) open! It's been long hours of design, website building, administrative work, sourcing, and everything else that goes into launching a studio. We're still hard at work making furniture, which should be done and ready to ship by December 1st, but for now, enjoy the new site. 

We want to take this moment also to announce that we'll try to track our journey as a studio on here. While you can get a quick visual digest of what's going on with us on instagram, we want to take the time to capture what we're thinking about about, what we're inspired by, what we're annoyed by, and in general what's going through our heads in an honest way. At least that's what we want to work towards here on our journal. It's pretty busy at the studio, but we'll do our best to give you some insight into our inner workings here at Sun at Six.

For now, take a look here to see what's available, and give us a follow on insta!