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Sun at Six Finishes

We finish our wood with our own tenna oil, a natural, nut oil based finish we’ve developed over years of working with wood. Our finish is meticulously hand applied and designed to withstand daily wear while highlighting the natural character of the wood.

Our tenna oil finish is resistant to spills and stains and will sustain for years with proper maintenance. Our work is made from all solid hardwood, not veneer, and our pieces won’t be as durable as, say, plastic or metal, as solid hardwood is a natural material that comes from a living creature. Please treat our furniture with care, wiping away spills, and using coasters and tablecloths when necessary!

Standard Finishes

We stock two standard finishes for our furniture: sienna and nude, and have finish samples available for both.


Custom Finishes

Though we don’t currently have the time to color match, we do have the following custom finishes we can do, made to order for you, if they strike your fancy. If you’re interested, send us an email with which piece in which finish you’d like - these are 10% more, and lead time is 12-14 weeks for us to make it for you!